Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

In the spirit of the hated exam season, I’ve set myself a mini GP question and answered it. Maybe this GP teacher can be kind enough to grade it for me.

Question: The bloggosphere is a technocracy. Discuss.

To blog or to not blog, that is the question. Well, not really, as everyone from the unhappy Microsoft employee to the average teenager now has a weblog. The blogging world is as diverse as the natural fauna and fauna and flora of the earth, perhaps more. You have the ultra-serious bloggers who discuss politics and philosophy, and the angsty teens who whine and moan about their horrible life when their iPod’s battery dies.

From this author’s observation, the bloggers who make it big have similar qualities, such as being funny, satirical or deeply insightful about certain societal issues. In fact, humour seems to be a major factor in attracting visitors to a site, which explains why a no-brainer, grammar-butchering, M-18(for language) blog such as Rockson’s is so popular. [Clearly, Singaporeans have a rather unrefined idea of what humour is]

A classic case study, of course, is everyone’s favourite Popagandhi, the ardent mac-lover and alpha-geek. She reigns supreme in the bloggosphere with her technically superior website, and posts full of mac jargon that an omega-geek like me couldn’t possibly understand. And she, with her Reality Distortion field[commissioned by Steve Jobs himself], attracts lesbians and mac-lovers like moths to a flame [often, they are the same people] and has often managed to convert the former to the latter. One also notices that these bloggers stay up to date with the latest blogventions, such as Trackback, RSS/Atom feedburning, podcasting etc.

Viewed in this light, however, the success of Xiaxue seems puzzling. She still uses her blogspot site, has very little bells and whistles to offer, and heavens, doesn’t even have a RSS feed on her site! She is not that funny and satirical anymore either. So what gives? The answer lies in the fact that she is an absolute Photoshop genius. With such a geeky skill under her belt, is it any wonder that people(read: men) love her pictures blog?

Hence, I conclude that to come on top in the blogging world, it is necessary to be at the top of the technocracy hierarchy, which explains why this blog is relatively unknown, save my five paragraphs of fame.

Note: This author means no offense to the bloggers mentioned here – everything said here is utterly in jest! Don’t flame me, hor?

How, can get A1 anot? My england not that bad sia. Very powderful, right?

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