Sunday, October 02, 2005

Commonplace Terror

And it happens, again. Once again, brainwashed militants have killed and wounded innocents who have done absolutely nothing to them, all in the name of religion. A religion, which by right, preaches peace and tolerance.

But this is nothing, really. Daily, suicide bombs go off all over Baghdad. They have become as common as traffic accidents on a busy highway, so much so that hearing that 100 people have been killed by a suicide bomb in Balad induces no emotion, no sympathy for the lost lives.

And let me interject here, that these Islamic insurgents are killing their own Muslim brothers. Not the so-called "infidels".

I have to ask, what goes in the minds of these bombers? How do they justify to themselves that killing innocents is excusable for their "greater cause", whatever that is? Do they really think that when they go to heaven (if it exists), "God" is going to forgive them for killing his creations? It makes me wonder if they were on crack when they stepped into the marketplace with a bomb strapped to their bare skins.

What I totally don't understand, as well, is how these insurgents think the bombings will revert the country to Sunni rule. Whoever the leaders are, they've got some seriously effective Jedi-like mind control/brainwashing techniques.

Bush, just so that you know, you've got a huge problem on your hands. Maybe your darling Rice didn't tell you, or rather, you didn't listen: you had no business invading Iraq, when you were so underprepared for it.

And it is time you showed some backbone, and acknowledge that you've fed this monster, if not created it. Then go to Iraq, and clear up the huge mess you've made of OIL.

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