Sunday, October 16, 2005


I've been talking to this woman, who is going through "the phase". And it is really hard for her, because she is Christian. Try as I might, I can't make her see sense.

Now, everyone who knows me knows that I have nothing but contempt for the institution of religion. I've seen that no religion in our world is the path to "God". And I am sick of what it is doing to our world, and what people are doing, in the name of it. I am not just talking about the terrorist attacks by radical muslim groups: I am talking about how women in Middle East are oppressed using religion, how basic civil rights are withheld from people when some religious conservatives wave around a bible. I am talking about how a pastor proclaimed that Mathew Shepard, the famous victim of a gay-bashing, deserved to die. I am talking about how two religions, both from the same root, are killing each other over a tiny strip of land.

I am talking, about the millions of people whose lives have been torn apart due to this myth. And the millions more who will be affected if we let this continue.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Religion is between you and Him. There is no need to involve a third party, countless rituals and rules for that communion to happen.

Religiousity does not necessarily indicate a person of good character. There are devout Christian folks who regularly abuse their children, sometimes sexually. The terrorists blowing themselves up everyday are really devout Muslims, but can anyone say they are good people? Brainwashing aside, it takes a really cold-blooded person to walk through a market and press the remote in selfish hopes of getting to Heaven.


Closer to home, I am rather disgusted by the way some people evangelise shamelessly. Yes, granted, it is a part of Christianity to spread the faith - but that, in the context of our society, is absolutely tasteless. Having encountered many a Christian who wanted to save me from the depths of Hell, I've learned the correct way to deal with them: smile, nod, take the leaflet and throw it into the dustbin. If they persist, tell them you have a dentist appointment.

It is insensitive, and very offensive to be told that you are going to Hell unless you abandon your faith and join Christianity. I've talked to several muslim friends of mine who've been, very stupidly, approached by these well-meaning people, and yes, they ARE offended.

At the same time, if a Muslim were to do this, he'd be marked as a terrorist. Ah, the joys of being a minority.

Most of all, I think it is entirely inappropriate for a teacher to be "spreading the word". It is simply not ethical. The students, more often than not, are doing it to stay on the good side of the teachers. Afraid of getting low marks in the next test, you see.

Just be contented in your faith, and don't impose it on others. That's all I can ask of you.

Note: I don't have anything against Christians, mind you. This is just what I think about them evangelising without thought to the religious diversity of our country. Don't go and sedition act me, hor?