Monday, October 10, 2005

Shameless RSS Evangelist

Since the "Shameless Mac Evangelist" title rightfully belongs to some other bloggers around here, I've decided to take on the title of the "Shameless RSS Evangelist". And like a new convert who is even more fervent than the ones who are born into the religion, I shall preach to you all about the greatness of RSS. So... *adjusts the dolby surround system to get a deep bass voice*

Media Think says "RSS presents a huge opportunity to create communication efficiencies inside the enterprise." These are words we must take to heart, my little lost lambs. Without RSS, you'll be lost. Without RSS, you'll be wandering the internet in search of information you need, turning here and there, going to evil websites which require Satanic inventions such as credit cards. Without RSS, you'll have to click on your bookmarks daily to read your favourite blogs.

I was once lost, now I am saved. Deliverance came to me in the form of Newsgator. When I submitted my first feed, I knew I was doing the right thing. But subscribing to every blog that had a RSS feed wasn't enough. I had to spread the word, show the light. Soon, I was requesting every blogger to come over to the right side, to offer their blogs to the Feedburner.

But alas, not every blogger could see the light. They laughed at me, mocked at me for putting my faith in something so techy. They refused to add the orange buttons of salvation to their blogs, so I was forced to make daily trips to their blogs.

But to my horror, I discovered that Microsoft had joined the cult, but they wanted to alter the very symbols of our faith! What sacrilege! The faithful responded immediately, telling Microsoft not to alter the icons, but sadly, it seems they are drifting away from the Church of RSS, and no one can stop them. May the RSS gods have mercy on their soul.

Now, my little lambs, I want you all to go back home and think about this. If you truly desire salvation, then put the holy symbol of our faith on your blogs and webpages. If not... prepare to be left behind in webhell.


Or, just go to, and burn your blog right now. As a newsreader, I'd recommend Newsgator or My Yahoo! If you prefer desktop versions, Feeddemon is good. If you wish to search the web daily for articles of a specific topic, is a good choice, instead of wading through pages of Google searches daily. You can use it to add the feeds you want to your newsreader, for example, articles all over the web pertaining to Singapore. Happy burning!