Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Confessions of a Switcher

Dear Steve,

It dearly pains me to write this. I could lie and say our parting was unintended, but now, I have to confess. I was in love with another long before this letter had to be written. I could also lie and say that it is not you, but me. You know me, I cannot lie.

Our seven-year relationship has seen its ups and downs. When I first saw you, you took my heart by offering me games. I knew, even then, that ours was going to be a beautiful relationship. I could not be parted from you, even though my parents deeply disapproved of our relationship. They said it was bad for my studies, that I spent too much time with you. There were times they banned me from being with you at all. But still, I sneaked off to be with you, almost every night.

What really sealed my love for you, was you undergoing a makeover, and emerging as XP, a feast for the eyes. I couldn’t recognize you, if it wasn’t for the familiar logo.

But trouble soon crept into our relationship. After getting the makeover, you became high-maintenance, moody and irritable. Often, you would crash and leave me in the lurch. You would just get up and leave in the middle of a date, often wasting all my hard work. At those times, need forced me to be with others like you. But I knew those flings wouldn’t last - true enough, when you came back to me, our love only deepened.

But now, I’ve found another. Another Steve, coincidentally. I had met him before, and he struck me as very unfriendly. He couldn’t treat a woman right. But after several hostile brushoffs, I came to see his good side. It really helped he was learning more social skills, reaching out to more people. After deep, soul-baring conversations with a friend, I came to realize I was falling in love with another!

I resisted it at first, but soon, it was painfully clear our relationship had come to a standstill. Old age was taking over you, and you had become rather portly. Him, on the other hand, was fit, toned and slim. I realized I had lost all attraction to you. His equipment, an impressive 12”, never fails to satisfy me. Best of all, he never has performance anxiety. As soon as I turn him on, he is good to go. You, on the other hand… I’ll just leave it at that.

So, that’s why, yesterday, I packed up all my stuff and moved in with him. It took me some time to learn his ways, but as soon as I did, I’ve realized this is the best thing for me. Every time I am with him, I discover something new about him.

I am sorry this had to end up this way. Perhaps we’ll meet again one day, and we can be friends. But nothing more.

Best wishes,

A Switcher