Sunday, October 30, 2005

Srimming Sarons

This post will effectively eliminate all chances that in the future, if I become a famous blogger, Expressions is going to give me an endorsement deal.

So how? I no Olinda Cho, leh. I can't sing as well as her [but that didn't stop Sly from getting into top two], and I no butch, to be feminised. I also no Irene Ang. So nevermind, lor. No free lunches, or lack thereof, to look like Sammy Cheng.

So how? Must pay money? No need, I can just turn into an anorexic like these girls. Free slimming solution! Saves daily expenditure on food! * Sign up now with a friend, and you'll receive a voucher for a C class bed in NUH!

*Terms and conditions apply. Side-effects include fainting, hypoglycaemia, poor skin, and many other problems which will not be mentioned in this advertisement.

When I open the ST, what jumps out at me, almost immediately, are the various ads from Expressions. Marie France, Jean Yip and god-knows-what-else, promising instant weight loss. On TV, stick-thin Fann Wong promises by Xando, saying she lost 2% fat after using it. [Er... what is her fat percentage now? -10%?]

And people wonder why teenage girls turn anorexic.

[What I totally don't get, is how Chinese girls, generally pencil-thin, think they are fat. Do they all use curved mirrors?]

In many countries, advertisement for cigarettes are banned, on the premise that it promotes smoking among the youth. You know what should be banned in Singapore? Advertisements for slimming services. And oh, bust-enhancement services too. Big enough alreadi, lah.

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