Saturday, September 17, 2005

New Project

I’ve decided to embark on a new project – it has been a pet dream of mine for some time now.

My last post on beauty is just an extract of the continuing debate within myself, about the nature of beauty, and about accepting myself and my physical appearance. Beauty has become westernised, and commercialised. According to the beauty industry, you can’t be beautiful without fair skin, long lean legs and a tiny waist. You can’t be pretty without applying a ton of cosmetics everyday.

And that’s not to mention sexual racism. Everyday in Singapore I face this: the notion that Indian women can’t be pretty, because we don’t have as tiny waists, as fair skin as Chinese women. The colonial mentality left by our British masters still remain – that white, always, is beautiful.

Therefore, I wish to show the true nature of beauty – without high heels, lipstick or breast implants. I wish to show that fair skin is not the marker of beauty. I wish to show the world that we are all beautiful human beings, no matter what our race.

Therefore, I declare my stream open, dedicated to featuring Indian women, of all ethnicity. I am starting with rural women – their beauty remains the most natural of all, the richness of their culture shining like sunlight through an open window.

I am sourcing photos from the web now, but soon I hope to start shooting some on my own. There will also be a section for celebrities in ethnic shots. I am also trying hard to get portraits/paintings of Indian women – any help is welcome!

My stream