Saturday, November 05, 2005

This Week in Lesbian Entertainment

At precisely 3.30 pm on a Saturday, my jaw drops open as a lesbian music video plays on the huge screen outside Orchard Emerald. Wait a minute.. this is Singapore, otherwise known as the country which can easily be renamed Straightapore. Where the sun is always shining, and the gahmen is not homophobic. Umhmm.

I glance at the title of the video, and my heart sinks. Get ready for the bad news.... The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

TATU is back, to the consternation of both lesbian women and straight-lace conservatives. That's right, boys, better start placing orders for their latest het male fantasy hot CD.

But what's so bad about Tatu? They are lesbians, right? We should be grateful for such visibility, right?

Wrong. We are as grateful to them as we are to the scores of women in lesbian porn made for straight men. Making-out sessions in school-girl outfits which are highly reminiscent of Britney's lolitaesque first music video do not constitute as lesbian visibility.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

On the bright side, "Saving Face" is now playing in theatres. My only grouse about the movie is that it shows a rather andro-femme lesbian pairing, but even that is forgivable with its happy ending.

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I know this movie is old news and not exactly this week, but I want to watch "The Journey"! It is extremely unlikely to show here unless in a film fest. Can you believe I've yet to watch "Fire", but I've watched and rewatched every single episode of The L Word? Talk about irony...

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