Friday, September 02, 2005

Top Ten Things I hate About Blogs

Presenting to you, the top 10 things I hate about the blogging world.

10. Songposting - for goodness' sake, honey, if you want to songpost, write your own
9. Blogs of attention whores who have little to call attention to
8. Bloggers who TyP lYk Dis
7. Bloggers who think that mangling grammar is cool
6. Bloggers who use their blogs to bitch about everything and everyone else around them
5. Blogfights - the cyberversion of catfights... some human habits die hard....
4. Deep angsty blogs by teens ranting about their dismal life - seriously, lose the angst. You are not the African kid starving to death because her mother died of AIDS.
3. Reveal-all bloggers who love to traumatise their readers by giving every detail from waking up to masturbating at night
2. Celebrity bloggers who are totally puffed up about their own importance

first but not definitely not the best....

1. Xiaxue's blog

whose blog happens to have most of the elements I mentioned above.